For entrepreneurs who are tired of living by the delusion of the day

and really want to put themselves first for once.

I coach high level entrepreneurs who are too stressed to become “all-rounders in balance”,

So they can run their company and their private life in balance with calmness, confidence and joy. And go for more succes and happiness.



Life-Mind Creation Coach: Heartcoherence Coach,
Being in Balance Coach

Grow your business while keeping a nice and relaxed feeling


Ambition, Growth And Relaxation

You are an entrepreneur and have the ambition to grow your business while keeping a nice and relaxed feeling;

Growth is important to you, both your business and yourself;
But all the pressure and tension that comes with that, you don’t feel like it;

You want to do this with energy, focus and in good health;
So you know exactly what you want and yet you still can’t get there;

And you don’t know why that is?

That’s what I can help you with


Hello, I am Carla

In 2011, I entered burnout for the 3rd time.

I realized that this time I had to approach it differently than just “take it easy” (which I did the 1st two times) if I didn’t want to repeat this several more times.

The question was HOW.

I had already learned that what comes your way has something to tell you.

But what was “that” in this case?

I went out to investigate, looked at what was coming my way, and learned what to do

to turn my life around…..

Heart coherence was the beginning, let it be your beginning too.

Do the exercise below on the page and just feel why…..