I coach high level entrepreneurs who are too stressed to become “all-rounders in balance”

So that you can run your company and your private life in balance with calmness, confidence and joy. And go for more succes and happiness.


Life-Mind Scan Session

For you, as a stressed entrepreneur, who would like to get clear in 2 hours what the 2 biggest blocks are that are currently holding you back from doing or achieving what you really want.


Who is this suitable for?

  • You are an entrepreneur, your business is not running the way you want it to and you don’t understand why, while you would love to just have a well-run business without experiencing stress.
  • You feel tense all day and can’t find peace, the cause is unknown and that gnaws at you even more. You really want to know what lies beneath, so you can turn that around and experience peace.
  • You keep too many balls in the air, can’t find the balance anymore and would like to be able to keep doing everything but with more peace, joy and confidence.
  • You simply want to know more about who you are and what keeps you from really going for success so you can finally scale yourself up to a higher level and feel really happy.
  • You’ve tried all sorts of “things”, but you still can’t find out what’s blocking you from achieving what you want. That’s it, time to look deeper into the real causes and address them in a focused way.

If you recognize yourself in this and you are done with it and just really want to know (quickly) what is underneath:

Then schedule your Life-Mind Scan Session right away.

Get targeted tips for greater peace, focus and growth

It sounds incredible that within 2h you can get clear on the real unconscious beliefs that are blocking you from doing and achieving what you envisioned when you started your business.


In fact, in a Life-Mind Scan Session, I use the Metavital Human Expert technology.

This is an advanced and unparalleled technology (based on quantum physics) that measures energy and information in the body with very high precision and reliability.

This gives you an accurate picture of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in a very short time.


Dick Bos Director of Start-Up

I heard outcomes that exceeded my expectations

Impressed with Carla’s approach. She asks the right questions, directly and questions at deeper level… and that leads to outcomes that exceed your expectations.

She bases her method on years of experience and patented technology which gives a scan of your whole being through images. Even on organ  and DNA level.

Sounds unbelievable, but it shows what is going well and where improvements are desirable. After about 2 hours with the headphones on and undergoing the scan, you get a diagnostic report. And a plan on how you can work on optimizing your balance. On a detailed level.


Session and the Scan

At the base of this session is your specific coaching question.

We start with a scan which enables us to find out exactly what beliefs determine your actions and where you stand today (and what you are not satisfied with).

In the conversation that follows, we go deeper into these beliefs, how you could deal with this to give your behavior and thus your life a different twist. With this you can bring yourself and your company to a 2.0 version.

You will also know exactly what steps you can take to increase your energy, start creating more peace in mind and body and how you could use that to keep all those balls in the air with more balance and peace.

You’ll get tips that you can get started with right away and that will benefit you greatly.

You really want to go for this.

Where else can you get so much precise information about your entire health in all areasyour (un)conscious deepest blocking beliefs and the stress load in your body within 2h? …………….I assure you: NOWHERE.

What are you going to get clear

  • Clarity about the degree of balance in the energy of your entire body, down to the DNA level.
  • Awareness of the unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns and sabotage mechanisms associated with them.
  • You will discover the two biggest blocks that are holding back your growth.

This is what you get EXTRA

  • 3 tips on how you can deal with this so you know targeted steps, with which you can bring your company and yourself to a 2.0 version.
  • A “boost” from the scan to balance your energy in the best way possible.
  • A food list tailored specifically to your energy to keep your energy more balanced….
  • A report that includes screen shots and all the information we get from the scan.

Listen to Lisa’s experience

Lisa van Roode
Lansabai Retreat Resort in Thailand


Schedule your Life-mind screening session now!

Who is Carla

I’m Carla, Life-Mind Creation Coach and Burnout Expert and I’m here to help YOU, transform from an “uptight entrepreneur” to an “all-around balanced person”.

I myself have had a life with many heavy issues and great challenges in many different areas.

After I attempted suicide at the age of 22, I found out that all I wanted was peace instead of death. Everything in me was screaming to want to live. That was a huge turning point in the way I dealt with my life.

To this day, I continue to grow, continue to clear out things that I have experienced or that have even been passed down on my DNA.

My life is getting more and more beautiful, I am getting stronger and stronger, and I am learning to create what I want more and more.

Quantum is a big part in my life and work, since I was a kid already. To me it means nothing more than the law of resonance: the energy (frequencies) you transmit attract the situations and people that belong to it, just like a radio.

The experiences and knowledge I have gained through life itself and education, I now use to help others learn to create their own lives.

Do you also want to help so many other people to a better life? And at the same time simply enjoy the life you really want? I do and I grant you the same.

Well, last thing I want to say is that I look forward to talking to you. Help you to get clear with your issues with a scan and giving you my best tips!

Carla Jansen van Rosendaal
Life-Mind Creation Coach


Where is the scan done?

 The scan can be done worldwide,

I get that it is hard to believe, but that’s Quantum!

With your phone, you can also call someone in Australia and you will have instant picture and sound. How is that possible? Everything works on frequencies, energy. We believe in that because we see and experience it directly.

The scan works more or less the same way. When we are going to do the scan I will explain more about this. The one believes it is simple, the other must first experience it to find out that it is all correct and really personal. See also the video below of Lisa. Owner of Lansabai, a Retreat Resort in Thailand. She did the scan while she was in Thailand.