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Life-Mind Creation Coach: Heartcoherence Coach, Being in Balance Coach

Grow your business while keeping a nice and relaxed feeling

You too can create the life you want with calmness, confidence and joy.

I am human, I am me, the one I would like to be, I choose that consciously.

It was a choice I really had to make and then learn how to do it.

From the strength and knowing that I have every choice how to deal with everything I encounter, I am increasingly creating my dream life.

I really had to learn this, through trial and error.

I grew up with the believe that everything is a setback, that you cannot have money or success, that setbacks are part of life and that you just have to put up with them. Besides that I learned  not to be visible, not to stand out.

My mindset was tremendously negatively oriented and that showed in  every facet of my life.


For several years I lived and worked in America . The years after that, when I traveled the world, were just a completely different life, full of luxury, fun, doing whatever I felt like doing. Everything I wanted came my way and I had the time of my life.

Back in the Netherlands, I fell into the same patterns of living as before and had many setbacks.

Eventually, I started searching why this happened.

Who was I in both periods, how did I think, behave, what did I invite into my life, what did I see in my life. What were the differences?

When I entered my 3e burnout in 2011, I decided that things really needed to change.



I am 100% certain that we all came into the world to live a life of wealth in all areas.

That includes being an entrepreneur ánd as a human being.

I feel an ever-growing enthusiasm for helping many more entrepreneurs to achieve the dream life they desire.

Exaggerated? Utopian? Idealistic?

Maybe in your eyes but that says right away how you can use my help to also start believing that it is just as possible for you to create this.

A life full of wealth in all areas as in health, relationships, financially, spiritual, a growing business etc.

Do you already see this life in front of you? Your dream life?

Take 2 minutes for yourself and visualize what that would look like for you.

And then………………

If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in you hand.

-Bob Proctor-



Now that I was able to tune my thoughts more and more to what I wanted, all kinds of things gradually came my way that I needed for that.

I admit, it’s not something you just learn in 1 month, changing your mind. It’s learning, applying and persevering (exactly what I am helping you with of course).

My (mostly unconscious) beliefs had great influence, I knew that.      But…. how do I find out if it is unconscious or  whether I have a blind spot for it?

That desire was also fulfilled to find out with ease, the Being in Balance Scan came my way.

All my life I’ve been interested in Quantum (that means nothing else then everything is energy and we can influence it). I didn’t know it was called Quantum until around my 50’se .

Technology to measure the energy in your body (extremely accurate) and link it to the beliefs that block you. What an eye opener.

How much I have learned from this myself, and still do. The most powerful tool in the world for fast and deep personal development. For clearing deep blockages. And visible on a screen.

I could talk about this for hours but that doesn’t fit here.

Still want to know more about the Being in Balance Scan? Or Heart Coherence?

Dick Bos
Director of Start-Up

I heard outcomes that exceeded my expectations

Impressed with Carla’s approach. She asks the right questions, directly and questions at deeper level… and that leads to outcomes that exceed your expectations.

She bases her method on years of experience and patented technology which gives a scan of your whole being through images. Even on organ and DNA level.

Sounds unbelievable, but it shows what is going well and where improvements are desirable. After about 2 hours with the headphones on and undergoing the scan, you get a diagnostic report. And a plan on how you can work on optimizing your balance. On a detailed level.


Ambition, Growth And Relaxation

Are you ready to change from an uptight entrepreneur, who just goes with the usual “flow of life” and doesn’t live the life you want, to a life full of relaxation, fun and being able to create your own future? A life in which your work and private life flow wonderfully?



Make that commitment to yourself that you are done struggling, trying and failing.

That you are ready to tackle it once and for all, to put in the time, energy and money to finally turn it around, to give your own life your own spin. To live a life full of succes and happiness.