Marcel Willems

– Actor and Director –

Now I am constantly in the feeling of “the flow” and drawing to me the energy that I want

From low self-esteem, low self-confidence, long-term dejection and major financial problems, I went to a “stable Marcel” who confidently created his own life the way I wanted it. I now attract to me what I want.
What we call “flow and universe” is made visual through the scan. It becomes more visible and more real, it gives belief, authenticity and the will to do something.
Carla makes good connections and radiates confidence and security. She feels “where the customer is”.


Rob de Bruin

– Viquel Automation –

I started with physical symptoms, no energy, focus and concentration. I was also running away from certain actions.
 The scan gave many insights about unconscious issues.  I learned to change my old beliefs and way of thinking.

I also learned that with specific breathing exercises, you can change your life and your health tremendously. I now deal with stress and stressors very differently and don’t let stress build up so high anymore.

Through this course, I learned to live differently, deal with stress differently, am more honest with myself, and take steps I was afraid to take before.

My life and health have really changed.
As a coach I find Carla, in a very honest way, very knowledgeable and extremely curious about the further development of people (in herself and her clients). You can tell that from her old professional attitude as a nurse, she clearly dares to get closer to people.

Alexa Pluim

I’ve come out of it more confident, fitter, more focused and more successful than ever

I started with Carla to grow my business again.

Using body scans and heart coherence, I discovered where stagnation builds up, energy leaks out, I can reduce my stress levels and sharpen my focus.

I came out of it more confident, fitter and more successful than ever.


Alexandra Maris

– Communication artist –

Communication artist

“I am actually working more, with more peace of mind, and my business has grown.”

 I was so stressed that I didn’t even perceive my body’s stress signals properly anymore.

I was so stressed out that I wasn’t even properly perceiving my body’s stress signals anymore. Carla helped me break that pattern.

Through the Oberon scan and heart coherence, I received tools to literally let go and shed ballast.

You don’t have to work less to be less stressed, the important thing is that you learn to work and think differently. In fact, I am actually working more and my business has grown.

Everything I learned from Carla applies not only in the here and now, but for the rest of my life.
 Carla has helped me break that pattern.

The Oberon scan and heart coherence gave me tools to literally let go and cast off ballast

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