What is heart coherence

I help stressed entrepreneurs become an “all-rounder in balance”

So that you can lead your company and your private life in balance with pleasure, peace and confidence

Heart coherence is a specific stress reduction method that uses biofeedback equipment namely the Inner Balance

The effects of this are measurable, visible and immediate.


Heart coherence itself means a certain degree of regularity in your heart rhythm. This provides important information about your resilience and vitality.

Research has shown that the heart (the heart rhythm in particular) responds completely to your emotions.

When you already don’t like something (let alone hate it) the heart rhythm starts to become more irregular and the heart sends a signal to the brain to put the body into stress mode (top graph).

With everything we like/enjoy there is a nice balance in the heart rhythm and a signal goes to the brain that the body may be put in the relaxation mode (bottom graph).



Measuring this balance in your heart rhythm (the HRV = heart rhythm variability) is done using a sensor on your ear.

The heart rhythm can also be brought into a regular rhythm very consciously through specific breathing techniques.

What you can then achieve is coherence. This is the degree of balance in which all the systems of your body begin to work together and a synergy is created.

At the same time you create peace in your body and mind which gives you a very relaxed feeling. You can reduce a stress reaction in this way within 1 minute.

Your emotions are also affected by this. So it is at once a form of emotion regulation and body awareness.

You can discover for yourself, through the biofeedback, how you deal with challenges that cause stress, learn to know your stressors more easily and of course deal with them in a more resilient way.

Your overall stress level can be brought back to a lower level in this way, allowing you to feel differently in your daily life, to deal with situations in a calmer way, to think and focus more easily, to have more energy, to sleep better, to communicate better, to have fewer complaints of all kinds, etc.

Heart coherence can be used in multiple ways by applying different heart coherence techniques.


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The effects of heart coherence in different areas is enormous. See this table (2018) where progress can be seen in all areas over a time span of about 2 months. Of course, this continues the longer one applies the techniques:

Graph Scores

You gain more resilience and less stress. This allows you to approach situations more easily with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity and self-confidence.

If you want more information about heart coherence, scientific backgrounds, etc., take a look at www.heartmathbenelux.com.