I help stressed entrepreneurs become an “all-rounder in balance”
So that you can lead your company and your private life in balance with pleasure, peace and confidence

For stressed (but driven) entrepreneurs who want to become an all-rounder in balance

For tense entrepreneurs with big ambitions who are done being lived by the delusion of the day and really want to put themselves first for once.

I help you, within 1 day, from peace and clarity, to get the deepest blockages that are currently holding you back, so you know what steps you can take to achieve what you want: to scale your business and lead it from peace, joy and confidence and a carefree life.

More peace, confidence, creative power and a carefree life


High Impact Coaching: “VIP” Transformation day

1 day, luxury location, high impact and a great special bonus

You know you’re working way too hard and realize it can’t go on like this.

You know what you want but you can’t do it. And you don’t understand why.

You get consumed by the delusion of the day and lack focus, which prevents you from working on your long-term goals and just doesn’t achieve the things you’d like to achieve.

It is constantly busy in your head and therefore it does not run smoothly with your daily schedule and feeling. And that while you would like to feel lots of energyfocus and creativity so that your business can go where you enthusiastically dreamed of.


You sleep poorly, lie awake with all those annoying thoughts, have all sorts of little complaints, and your energy seems to have left you. Feeling “tired” becomes almost normal.

By now you feel like you’re working really hard, but have reached a ceiling and you feel in everything that there is more in you and your business.  But how?

However, you can’t move forward alone, so it’s time to do things differently.

You want peace of mind, energy, the right focus on the right things, joy in your work and confidence in your future.

I see more and more entrepreneurs going under in this day and age with the above complaints.

Needed? No, not at all.

So really time to do something about it.

You want to prevent yourself from sinking even deeper, getting even busier in your head, sleeping even less. That this prolonged stress will make you sick, or perhaps even burn out. Your income will then be under real pressure and a possible bankruptcy may soon be around the corner. Let alone your health going downhill….

This does not have to be the case. If you ring your own bell in time you can prevent the above.

I know how you feel because at one time it was the same with me. I solved the problem by looking deeper at myself, how I thought and behaved. By applying specific stress reduction methods and looking at a deep level to see what beliefs I had on a conscious and unconscious level, so I could address and change them. By applying brain training and thereby changing my thinking.

To help people like you, to quickly gain insight and energy so you can change things, I have developed this wonderful day. Because it is time that you see yourself once very important. So make a start and put yourself for 1 day in the first place.

On this intensive but valuable day, we will work together to get clear what obstacles really stand in the way of you achieving what you want and why you are not succeeding in achieving what you dream of.

After this day you know exactly which steps you can take to finally start living and doing business in peace, joy and confidence. To achieve what you were excited about when you started your business.

Of course, you’re also going to learn how to quickly quiet yourself, stand more powerfully and run your business from there. In fact, you’re going to experience that wonderfully firsthand.

What you will experience on this day is unique in the world.

In addition to coaching, we also make use of innovative technologies, so that you can objectively and profoundly clarify the specific beliefs that are currently holding you back. You will also get a clear picture of how the energy in your body is doing and we will look at your stress levels. With the latter we will, of course, immediately set to work.


Through this technology, we discover specifically what is now the reason why you have not yet achieved what you would like.

From there you get concrete steps clear to get started to achieve this. To become that entrepreneur who can work himself (and your company) up to a higher level with confidence, peace and strength.

It is not wet finger work. In fact, through the scan you get answers that you can never find out from that depth in any other way.

Yes, I dare to tell you that on this day you will get enormous insights, a (literal) change in your energy and also wonderful peace in your head and body. An unprecedented combination that does not exist anywhere else.


Dick Bos
Director of Start-Up

I heard outcomes that exceeded my expectations

Impressed with Carla’s approach. She asks the right questions, directly and questions at deeper level… and that leads to outcomes that exceed your expectations.

She bases her method on years of experience and patented technology which gives a scan of your whole being through images. Even on organ  and DNA level.

Sounds unbelievable, but it shows what is going well and where improvements are desirable. After about 2 hours with the headphones on and undergoing the scan, you get a diagnostic report. And a plan on how you can work on optimizing your balance. On a detailed level.

Sign up for this High Impact VIP Transformation day and…

  • Come to rest and Say “bye-bye” to that tense entrepreneur and become an all-rounder in balance. Know how you can drop your tension within 1 minute, even when you are at work and start this day. So that you can quickly learn to get a sense of calm, confidence and focus. And at the same time be energetic.
  •  Get clear on what thoughts and beliefs are getting in your way and learn how to turn them around. Negative thoughts? Stubborn patterns that keep repeating themselves? They come from your deep subconscious. You cannot solve this with “simple positive thinking” and “wanting to change”. This can now become a thing of the past because you will discover how you can change this. Let go of the frustration of being so negative all the time and feel strength and confidence.     
  • Discover what dreams of the future you have that have not yet been fulfilled and how you could still do that. You can create your own future, you just needed to know how to do that. Well, after this day you will have tools and tips on how to do that, so you will feel confidence in the future again and have the strength and energy to keep on working on it.
  • Stop keeping yourself smaller than you are.

There is so much more in you in terms of qualities and possibilities. (Re)discovering these will ensure that you can live your potential and thus feel the power and greatness in you.



Alexa Pluim

I’ve come out of it more confident, fitter, more focused and more successful than ever

I started with Carla to grow my business again.

Using body scans and heart coherence, I discovered where stagnation builds up, energy leaks out, I can reduce my stress levels and sharpen my focus.

I came out of it more confident, fitter and successful than ever.

This High Impact VIP Transformation day is for you if:

  • You are already an entrepreneur and want to scale up without stress or working even harder.
  • Deep inside you have the real ambition to make a success of your life and your company, by continuing to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.
  • If you want to take responsibility for directing your life.
  • You are a go-getter and dare to be honest with yourself.
  • You dare to dream big.
  • You’re done with that constant stress racing through your body and want to finally get a normal night’s sleep again.

This is NOT for enterpreneurs  who are

  • Not being able to stand honest feedback.
  • Not willing to stretch themselves for more growth.
  • Not wanting peace or growth but preferring to rush on and keep themselves small.

 What this day looks like:

  • Start at 9:30 a.m.
  • In-depth Energy Screening Scan and a stress measurement with the Inner Balance for more insight into your stress and the beliefs that are holding you back so you have more clarity.
  • Specific exercises for more (spring) power so you can better withstand the daily challenges and you feel more powerful already.
  • Lunch.
  • Tailor-made stress reduction methodology, specifically aimed at you, where you will already experience peace of mind immediately.
  • Working on your future, so you have clear goals to work toward.
  • Ends at 5 pm.
  • Dinner to discuss the day after and where you can ask any questions you may have, so that you know exactly what steps you can take after this day to achieve what you love.
  • SURPRISE BONUS: Go into the sauna if you want to enjoy the afterglow.

Yes yes, you read it right.

This day is held at the best place in the Netherlands to combine work and real relaxation: Thermen Bussloo in Voorst.

After this fantastic day of intense work and relaxation, we will have a delicious dinner together and you can, if you want, enjoy the extensive sauna complex.

Let your thoughts drift away and enjoy total relaxation. Immediately apply the techniques learned for even deeper relaxation.

What’s special about the Energy Screening Scan.

This is a highly advanced and unparalleled (quantum physics) technology that measures energy and information in the body with very high accuracy and reliability.

It provides an accurate picture about a person’s health. Health in the broad sense of the word: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is used for professionals in organizations and elite athletes to elevate health, performance and well-being.

Together we look through the scan where your energy is nicely balanced and where it is not. What beliefs are responsible for this, that are blocking you NOW.

At the end of the scan, we are going to rebalance the energy that is out of balance.

In addition, you will be sent a food list specifically targeted to your measured energy. To help you keep it more in balance.

A scan provides you with more information within 2h than many “normal” coaching sessions put together.


Schedule your Life-mind Vip Transformation Day


Your investment

This very special intensive day is aimed at discovering the patterns that are holding you back and to make a roadmap with which you can run your company from calmness, joy, confidence and focus, and take it to the next level.

The value is of this day is € 3000.

But because it’s a new service I’m offering I’m making it a special price:

YOUR investment is NOW only € 1500,-.

On top of that, I have an EXTRA temporary offer until October 1:

If you book and pay for your day before October 1, 2021, you can also bring a (business) partner for FREE

So you will save € 1500.

Optional as a supplement

Return session of 2h after 4 to 6 weeks € 300


Payment will be made in advance.

When purchasing a VIP Transformation day including a follow-up session, payment in 2 instalments is possible.

Why together?

It is enormously valuable to come together with your own partner or a business partner, especially if you run a business together with your life partner.

Couples who run a business together can have a harder time of it. Working together, going home to “chat about….” and the like, can unwittingly create a lot of hassle. Stress then builds up extra and this is often not noticed.

Ordinary” business partners often try to accept a lot from each other and tend to adapt to the other unnoticed, or go their own way, while this is not useful in the cooperation. This can also cause tensions to rise.

You start looking at each other differently and communicating differently

  • Understanding and clarity towards each other can help any kind of relationship enormously. Especially since you also learn together how you can tackle stress so that you can respond to each other with much more calmness.

Who is Carla

I’m Carla, Life-Mind Creation Coach and Burnout Expert, and I’m here to help transform YOU from an “uptight entrepreneur” to an “all-around balanced person.”

I myself have had a life with many deep valleys and great challenges in many different areas. After I attempted suicide at the age of 22, I found out that all I wanted was peace instead of death. Everything in me screamed to want to live. That was a huge turning point in the way I dealt with my life. To this day I continue to grow, I continue to clean up things that I have experienced or that have even been passed on to my DNA. My life keeps getting more beautiful, I keep getting stronger and I keep learning to create what I want.

Quantum is a big part in my life and work, since very young. To me it means nothing else than the law of resonance: the energy (frequencies) you transmit attract the situations and people that belong to it, just like a radio.

The experiences and knowledge I have gained through life itself and education, I now use to help others learn to create their own lives.

Do you also want, besides yourself, to help so many other people to a better life? And at the same time simply enjoy that life you really want? I do and I grant you the same.


Download my Ebook below where you will learn to recognize your stress and redirect it to peace and focus.