Life Mind Transformation Program

I coach high level entrepreneurs who are too stressed to become “all-rounders in balance”

So that you can run your company and your private life in balance with calmness, confidence and joy. And go for more succes and happiness.


How to learn to keep all the balls in the air in balance as a stressed out entrepreneur, from calmness, confidence and joy – and thus uplevel yourself and your business to higher performance –

Learn how to become an expert at handling all daily challenges with resilience and peace of mind

……and simultaneously take yourself and your business to greater heights.


Do you find it difficult to get peace of mind? And do you feel tense constantly?

Are you an entrepreneur and do you find it difficult to maintain focus? And do you want just that focus and concentration because they help you work easier and faster?

And do you recognize the feeling that you have to work harder and harder with more and more “side tasks”, but which you actually do not want to deal with at all? but that you don’t really want to deal with at all?

And that they cost you a lot of energy and time? While you want to experience peace and free time?

Do you also feel that there is much more in you but it just doesn’t come out, causing you to keep performing at a lower level while you want to reach a higher level?

And that they cost you a lot of energy and time? While you want to experience peace and free time?

You’re not the only one! Many entrepreneurs find this difficult. And as a result, they literally lose thousands of dollars in income. At the same time, their health is at risk.


You as a busy entrepreneur, who constantly wants and/or has to perform at a high level, probably know how difficult it is to be able to take your rest in those busy periods, so that your focus, concentration and energy are optimal and you can continue to perform at your top.

Everything starts with being able to recognize (and especially feel) too much stress and the patterns that keep you from doing and achieving what you want.

Then you can learn very simple skills and strategies to turn this around so that it will work for you.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • You are constantly under tension and you cannot relax anymore.
  • Your body has all sorts of minor complaints, you feel tired all the time, and your health is becoming under pressure more and more.
  • You constantly feel the pressure to persevere because your business has to provide your income.
  • You are no longer getting the results you want at work, even though you work really hard, and you don’t understand why.
  • It is hard to fall asleep at night because your mind is wandering.

I understand how you feel. In the past I have had burnout almost 3 times. I knew somehow that I had too much stress but did not feel it. I did not know what exactly was causing it and how I should deal with it. Because of this I built up increasingly higher stress levels, with major consequences.

I said “yes” to everything because I thought it would give me more clients and therefore more income.

And I went on and on, without paying attention to myself how I was doing. My insecurity grew and I wondered if entrepreneurship was “my thing”.

This is also what I notice in many entrepreneurs. They don’t realize that their stress levels keep rising, that they fall more and more into old patterns of thinking and behavior that works against them and that this has a huge impact on their functioning, their self-esteem and self-confidence.

What many entrepreneurs also don’t realize is that this also directly affects the growth of their business, their relationships and their health.

Do you recognize yourself in this as well?

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How can you best address and resolve this?

  • Learn how stress works and how to make it work for you.
  • Learn to manage stress effectively and instead become more energetic, focused and productive.
  • Discover what beliefs are holding you back from growing and how to turn that around so you always know what steps to take to continue growing.
  • Learn to better manage your challenges. This gives more inner peace, energy and focus.
  • Discover what your (still unknown) qualities are and how to use them for better performance and growth of your business.

The good news is that anyone can learn this. You can too. Just like I learned it step by step. After all, I was not born with this knowledge, insights and skills. So anyone can learn to effectively handle challenges and stress to positively change their life.

For this reason specifically, I developed the powerful, effective “Life-Mind Transformation Program.”

If you want to run your business optimally, without negative consequences of blocking patterns and stress, you need to renew your patterns and learn to deal effectively with your daily life and stress.

Then you create the opportunity to grow yourself and your business with focus, energy, creativity and high productivity.

With the “Life-Mind Transformation” program, this is exactly what you can achieve.

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This Is What You Will Learn

  • You’ll discover what stress is, how to recognize it, and its effects in your body, thinking, and behavior.
  • You learn which techniques you can apply to reduce any excess of stress within 1 minute and then make stress work fór you.
  • Using innovative groundbreaking equipment, you will discover where energy is out of balance in your body, what beliefs are influencing it and how to turn it around (This by itself is already life changing for my clients).
  • You get to know your strengths and qualities better and better and use them with more resilience.
  • In-depth personal development ensures that you learn to create a more stable life for yourself with more inner peace and self-confidence.
  • You know for sure that you are able to prevent burnout forever, because you have the equipment, knowledge and techniques for this, which you can always continue to apply.

Knowing what your blocking thoughts are and how you can reduce stress, while optimally using your qualities, provides stability and security. It also provides peace of mind and self-confidence, allowing you to make more impact with what you love doing most.

The people who have followed and applied this program are raving about it and their results speak for themselves.

You too can create the life you want with calmness, confidence and joy.

I am human, I am me, the one I would like to be, I choose that consciously.

It was a choice I really had to make and then learn how to do it.

From the strength and knowing that I have every choice how to deal with everything I encounter, I am increasingly creating my dream life.

I really had to learn this, through trial and error.

I grew up with the believe that everything is a setback, that you cannot have money or success, that setbacks are part of life and that you just have to put up with them. Besides that I learned  not to be visible, not to stand out.

My mindset was tremendously negatively oriented and that showed in  every facet of my life.


Program Content: 5 Step Program

To figure out your blockages, prevent burnout and transform your way of working into relaxation, calm, improved productivity and focus.


You will learn all about your blocking thoughts and beliefs, your stress levels and the effects they have on you and your work. Also, you will get to know what that has to do with thoughts and beliefs.


It is important to make a final decision, to actually address what you saw in the mirror in step 1, by committing.
Setting goals is necessary to know what you need to do to get there.
It is also important to develop the techniques and skills that suit you. With your lifestyle, your vision of life and the way you run your business.


You will learn how to actually use the techniques developed above without being distracted or held back by things like beliefs or procrastination.
You will also work on learning to manage your stress completely so that it will only work for you.


You will get all the necessary assignments, visualizations and exercises to keep yourself in the right mode and energy. With this you can keep your motivation and inspiration up, which will increase your perseverance to reach your goal by integrating.


Letting go of new patterns too quickly means relapsing into old behaviors with their associated results. Therefore it is necessary to persevere in your new way of thinking and living. So make yourself increasingly (spring) powerful and energetic. And lift not only your personality but also your business to “the best version of itself”.

Would you like a Life-Mind Scan session first, so you already have more information about where you stand now? Then schedule one right away.

If so, we will look at it together to see if this course is for you.


How Does the “Life-Mind Transformation” Program Go?

  • Zoom interview of 30 minutes as a preparation for the course.
  • 1 on 1 coaching for 4 months.
  • 4 live sessions of 1,5 hours with the Being in Balance scan (can also be done online).
  • Weekly online coaching sessions of 1 hour.
  • You learn the Heart Coherence Techniques using the Inner Balance.

This Is What You Achieve With The “Life-Mind Transformation” Program

  • More relaxation in your overall system and especially your head.
  • You’ll notice when your stress is about to build up, much faster and can then reduce it within 1 minute.
  • You get many insights into your underlying beliefs and thoughts and learn to change them so they actually help you grow.
  • You can immediately change your emotions/how you feel where appropriate.
  • Stop the maelstrom of thoughts yourself and change them whenever you want.
  • You are much more in touch with your intuition and can use it for solutions and answers to your own questions.
  • More in touch with your feelings.
  • Improved health and therefore less disease (and sickleave).
  • You are much more resilient and can face your daily challenges with ease and without stress.
  • You’ll have more energy.
  • Improved time management allowing you to get more done in less time with more focus and less stress.


Quickly to the ‘heart of the matter
Being in Balance® distinguishes itself as a method because it goes, like no other way of coaching, quickly and directly to the ‘heart of the matter’: the essence of your coaching question, your challenge. The core is always the deeper psycho-emotional programming which directs your behaviour via your subconscious.
These are often limiting beliefs that cause inner imbalance and sometimes have major negative consequences for your performance.
With Being in Balance® coaching, we can quickly achieve major positive results.

How do we get to the heart of the matter so quickly?
We do this by using the unique and highly advanced Being in Balance® technology. This enables us to make a quick and very accurate body-mind scan by measuring no less than 90 billion points in the body, which gives us a complete picture of your level of inner balance in a short time, with a reliability of more than 95%.
Through the extensive psycho-emotional database, we can then immediately identify the core of your problem and make unconscious blocking patterns and sabotage mechanisms conscious. Then transform them with targeted coaching for optimal vitality and performance.

No coaching form in the world gets to the heart of the matter as quickly and is as measurable for effectiveness, even down to the smallest details such as the DNA level.

For more information click below and read our helpful article on being Balanced. 

About The Coach, Carla Jansen Van Rosendaal

Who I am and why I can make you this promise….

I am an Expert in the field of Stress and Burnout through experience and education (3 burnouts, 20 years of nursing, trained in body focused psychotherapy, trained in Heart Coherence and Being in Balance Coaching).

My own life has presented me with profound challenges that I have learned to see and use as learning moments to grow as a person. I share the knowledge I gained in this process in my coaching and training.

Important values in my work are: freedom, honesty, integrity, enjoyment and personal growth.

I have trained and coached more than 7000 people in stress reduction techniques with the Dutch Police (for the past 12 years), the HAN (University of Applied Sciences Arnhem Nijmegen), Achmea (Health Care Insurance Company) and various other companies.

After about 700 group trainings and many 1-1 Coaching Trajectories I dare to call myself an expert.

This program gives you everything you need to transform yourself. From there you can work with a more relaxed feeling and have more focus so you become more productive and effective. Your performance and results will improve dramatically.

The methods you learn in this program, I myself have successfully applied for years. They are the best and fastest way to reduce stress, to eliminate the risk of burn-out and to face daily challenges with more resilience.

Carla Jansen van Rosendaal
Life-Mind Creation Coach


Significantly Increase your Succes and Happiness by Learning to Manage Stress and Changing Your Believes and Patterns

The growth of your business can increase much better when you know how to turn your stress into focus and energy for success.

And when you have turned around those underlying blockages that have prevented it until now.

You dare to make yourself more visible by increasing your self-confidence.

Your business can also grow more when you increase your “self-esteem” and thus change your money mindset.

This allows you to help your clients in your best possible way. It is your personal, real presence, with all your qualities, confidence, knowledge and energy that has the most impact on the customer.

This program not only gives you many techniques and steps to become this best version of yourself but also teaches you how to put this to optimal use in your business for growing results.

Step by step you will make your business grow again with new energy, focus, creativity and fun. With more succes and happiness as result.


and find out in 15 minutes if this fits you


Valuable Supplement to This Program

If you decide to take the plunge and invest in both your personal and business growth I will reward you with these extra’s.

These are valuable additions, providing even more stress reduction, resilience enhancement and the best results.


Bonus 1

Including the Inner Balance that you may keep valued at € 210,-
Heart coherence equipment where the heart rhythm and stress are made visible. Using the Inner Balance during the Heart Coherence exercises is an important tool for better results.


Bonus 2

4x an Extra Balancing Boost from the Scan for more balance in your body and mind instantly, worth € 200,-

The Being in Balance Scan has the ability to bring the energy in the body back into balance as much as possible. We call this “giving a boost”. After each session with the scan you will receive a boost which will make the re-balancing of your body and mind go much faster with less stress.


Bonus 3

Independent measurement of your progress worth € 47

Measurement of your progress via a validated questionnaire with start and final measurements, the “Stress Brake Test” by independent research institute Soffos (Netherlands)


Bonus 4

Follow up Zoom Coaching Call after the project, worth € 147,-.

One month after the end of your trajectory we have a Zoom call of 45 minutes to see how you are doing. Any questions or help needed can be discussed.


Here are the most frequently asked questions

I am extremely busy, I don't know how to fit this into my busy schedule as well

I get that you’re busy but……wasn’t that just your problem? Too busy? Do you really want to do something about this problem? My goal is the same as yours: to make sure you reach your goals and really learn to deal with all the challenges and stress. And feel calm and good about it. This will not happen without you taking time for this, committing to this and following the program fully. “Overcome Your Stress” gives you everything you need to do this. Including practical, step-by-step assignments.

How soon can I start the program?

When you register directly here through the site, I will contact you within 24 hours (working days) so we can plan a first appointment together. This will be as soon as possible.

We will then also discuss the preparations needed to get started.

I have a lot of trouble motivating myself to take action. How can you help me with this?

It is important that you get started yourself, I cannot do this for you. However, I do everything I can to make it as easy and practical as possible for you. With targeted assignments, scans, heart coherence, tips, instructions, feedback and answers to your questions. I hope that this is enough to get you into action mode, where the choice to actually do this always lies with you. 

In addition, this process is all about learning to take responsibility (and therefore action) for your own growth. 

Do you give a guarantee?

Yes I do. I guarantee that if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the same results. With this in mind, I also guarantee that what I teach works 100%. And that action always leads to results.

But that if you have a reason to doubt this beforehand, then it may not be wise to start the program. Because this energy and thoughts often do not give the best results (although in this program you will work on your mindset to get more confidence in your own self and your actions).

And what I know from experience is that when people look for a reason why something doesn’t work, they often find it. If you go in with 100% good motivation, in almost all cases it leads to success.

The Investment For Your Peace And Success

The investment I tell you about in our conversation.

For you, a question to ponder: What am I worth to myself and my company?

… imagine that this program will make you feel
wonderful and energetic, your work again full (and even better) can pick up,
every month many euros more to convert because you have more focus, creativity and especially again enthusiasm!

And that’s going to happen anyway! Then you’ll have earned it back in no time .

Plus, the cost of this program is deductible for your business.

Are You Ready for More Success With More Fun?

I’ve explained to you the value of this program as best I can. And know what this can do for you in a positive sense.

I like to impart that you can trust me, to help you create your success.

Over the past years I have invested a lot of time, money and energy to get to this program, in the form it is now. By following many trainings and my own personal development. And especially by testing ways, knowledge and methodologies in practice. And then polishing it, adapting it to what works best. So you get my best knowledge, coaching and (honest) feedback.

If you still have doubts, remember that you are now at a crossroads. You can choose to keep doing it your current way. In which case you will get the same results.

And you know that this will not take you any further. In fact, your situation will remain unchanged as a result. Today, tomorrow, next week and beyond….

Or you can choose change. For growth. Outside your comfort zone, but whatever will bring you the most.

How do you want to feel?

Do you want to live without fear of burnout?

How much success do you want?

What impact do you want to make?

What difference do you want to start making?

What new opportunities and people are waiting for you?

This program is going to help you.
I believe in you!

Warm greetings,

Carla Jansen van Rosendaal
Life-Mind Creation Coach, Personal Development